Find Object In Array With Certain Property Value In JavaScript

July 7, 2020 by Andreas Wik

javascript find function

If you have an array of objects and want to extract a single object with a certain property value, e.g. id should be 12811, then find() has got you covered.

My array:

const students = [{
	id: 14400,
    name: 'K. Kelly', 
    year: 2
}, {
	id: 12811,
    name: 'A. Potter', 
    year: 3
}, {
	id: 22198,
    name: 'J. Simpson', 
    year: 1


I want to find the object with an id of 12811. find() takes in a testing function. We want the object’s id property to match our variable id‘s value.

const id = 12811

const student = students.find(element => === id)

// "A. Potter"




Note: find() stops iterating over the array when it finds the first match and returns it. If you want to fetch multiple array items, then check outĀ filter instead.

Hope it helps.


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